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Historic Preservation Award

The Society honors organizations or individuals who have made a significant contribution to historic preservation.

The most recent recipient is Mr. Burnley Cook, who in 2016 received the Society's Historic Preservation Award for the restoration of the Baker Grand Theater Organ.

Past Recipients include:  Randy and Helen Smith, Sallie Ballard, Bill Huffpauir, Jean Simonton and Dorothy Sojourner, Natchez National Park Service, Don Estes, Teri Tillman, Betty McGehee, Mimi Miller, Alma Carpenter, Carolyn Vance Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Smith, Marion Smith, Auburn Garden Club, Ed Killian, Robert Shumway, D. A. Biglane, A. Hayes Towne, Sim Callon, Thomas Gandy, Sue Tipton, Brent Forman, Betty Ratcliffe, Grace MacNeil, Katherine Miller, Bruce Davis, Ron MIller, Nan Schuchs, Everette Truly.


Main Street in Natchez, Mississippi in the 1950's (Photo from Woody Ogden Collection)